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Jira: Open Issues by Age

This article explains how to create a report which shows Count of Open Issues in Jira by Age buckets.

Age buckets: < 1 day, 1-3 days, 3-5 days, +5 days


The report is created using AIO Reports and Timesheets for Jira app.

  1. Create a calculated field to define the age buckets

    1. Go to Jira > AIO Reports > More > My Calculated Fields > Create New Field


    2. Create a calculated field by adding functions and fields as per the screenshot below


  2. Create a List report

    1. Go to Jira > AIO Reports > Custom Report

    2. By default report type is selected as List

    3. Click on the fields in the left hand side fields selector to add them to the report

      1. Project: Project Name. Add group on Project.

      2. Common: Issue Type, Current Status, Count of Issues

      3. Calculated: Age


  3. Add filters and hide fields that are not required

    1. To report on only Open issues, click on the settings icon of Current Status field, add a filter and hide the field


    2. To report on only specific issue types, click on the settings icon of Issue Type field, add a filter and hide the field


  4. Run the report to view the results


  5. The same report can also be created as a Bar Chart or a Matrix report



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