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Scheduling Reports for Automated Delivery (Subscriptions)

The add-on allows to schedule saved reports so that they are delivered via email to specified recipients at a regular interval/frequency.

In order to achieve this, a subscription needs to be setup for the report. Once set, the add-on automatically runs the report in the back end at the defined frequency and emails the report results in an excel format to the listed recipients.

This article explains how to setup a subscription and related details.


Setting a Subscription

  1. Go to My Area → My Reports to land on the ‘My Saved Reports’ tab


  2. In the Subscription column, click on ‘Email this report’ to open up the dialog box shown below

  3. On the subscription form, you can select the recipients as well as define the frequency at which the report should be scheduled for a run

    1. Email recipients: Select the users, who should receive the report via email

    2. Do not send email if the report does not contain any data: Check this option to be alerted only in case the report returns any data.
      For example, a weekly timesheet report showing users with logged time less than 40 hours

    3. Publish the results to a public link after each run: Check this option to publish the report with each run. The published URL can be shared with any stakeholders, who do not have access to Jira, and the published view will refresh with each scheduled run

      1. The published link will be available under My Saved Reports tab in the Published View column after first run

      2. The link will also be included in the outgoing email along with report attachment

    4. Schedule: Define the frequency at which the report will run automatically

      1. Specify at what frequency within a day the report should run. For example - once per day, every 3 hrs, 2hrs, every hour, every 30 minutes, every 15 minutes

      2. Daily: if daily is selected, only time needs to be specified

      3. Days per week: define days of the week the report should run at the specified time

      4. Days per month: define day of the month or every 1st, 2nd, etc. day of the month at the specified time

    5. Email Template: The add-on has a default template that is used for all subscription emails. If a user has created a custom template under My Report → My Preferences then that template becomes the default template to be used for subscription emails. The add-on further provides an option to have a special custom template per report (as an exception to using the template defined under preferences)

Please note to avoid the possibility of spamming, the tool only allows Jira users to receive the report. The option of publishing can be used for non-Jira users. Please click here for details


Editing and Deleting a Subscription

Once a subscription is setup, the link ‘Email this Report’ changes to the next run time as shown below. Clicking on the next run time link, opens up the edit window which is similar to the setup window described above

In addition to editing the subscription, the edit window also provides a button to delete the subscription if it isn’t required anymore (screenshot below highlights the Delete button)


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