Dashboards and Gadgets

AIO Tests has added the ability to add segments of its in-built reports into Jira Dashboards via Gadgets. This adds an advanced dimension to the already available reporting as users can see multiple reports together or add same report for multiple projects to get a quick overview of testing activities.
Currently, eight gadgets have been created with plans to add more to the list.

This article discusses how to create a dashboard in Jira and add AIO gadgets. Each gadget has its own article (links at the end) describing how it can be used.

Creating a dashboard in Jira

Under the “Dashboards” menu of Jira’s top navigation, click on “Create dashboard” as shown below.

Create dashboard screen is displayed for user to enter a name and define access for the dashboard.

Below screen is displayed with the default layout once the dashboard is created. User has the option to change the layout and add gadgets as shown below.

Add Gadgets to dashboard

Search for AIO Tests to see the available list of our gadgets. Select the one that you want to add and click on “Add”.

Below is a sample screen that shows the 4 gadgets added to the ADP overview dashboard. Once the gadgets have been added, user can click on Done to save the dashboard configuration.

Users can enter details on each gadget and click on Save to generate data. Below is a sample dashboard.

Gadget Actions

To edit the criteria for any of the gadgets, users can click on Edit and then by clicking on the three ellipsis on the top of each gadget, user can edit the input criteria (configure), rename the title and delete the gadget. Once the changes are done, users can click on Done.


Available Gadgets

The functioning and input details of each gadget is discussed in separate articles. Click links below to learn.

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