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New to AIO Tests?

Get started quickly on AIO Tests with our comprehensive guides on installation, navigating, FAQs, payment, and terminology. 

General Features

Explore different features of AIO Tests and take charge of managing both automated and manual testing results with confidence and ease.

Manual Testing Management

Case Management

Learn how AIO Tests can help you effortlessly create test cases, as well as organize, track, and manage their entire life cycle for seamless testing.

Sets Management

Find out how to organize test cases into sets and manage them with the test management tool. 

Execution Management

Explore how to manage and track cycle execution results and manage test cases within them efficiently with AIO Tests.

Automated Testing Management

Explore how to manage automated testing results using AIO Tests and learn how to integrate the test management tool with different automated testing frameworks.

Reporting & Analytics

Learn more about the report types in AIO Tests, including the cycle execution reports, traceability reports, and defect reports, and how to generate them.

My Account

Discover how to configure the account and project settings, permissions, and more on AIO Tests.